About Alan


My name is Alan Durrant. I am currently a semi-retired tutor, teaching industrial relations for three different colleges, but I have spent most of my working life with Portsmouth Water Ltd. I have lived in Gosport for 40 years.
I have worked with the former Southeast Regional Assembly, primarily dealing with matters relating to development, infrastructure and housing. During this time, I worked with a number of MPs and local government representatives on key strategic issues affecting the Southeast.
I have been a Labour Party member for over twenty years and have served as Chairman and Secretary of Gosport Labour Party. In my current role as Secretary of the local party I am very active in campaigning for better working conditions, more jobs and more housing for the peopler of Gosport.
Labour is the only party offering local people a real alternative to the devastating cuts imposed by the Tory Government. Britain cannot afford another five years of squeezing our most vulnerable, those who can afford it the least.